Web Mania is an interactive animated comic story. It features J. Thaddeus ToadMoleAngus MacBadger, Water Rat, the Judge, the Prosecutor, Mr Winkie (here spelled "Winky"), the Weasels, the Court Clerk, Mickey Mouse, and a portrait of Minnie Mouse.

Description Edit Edit

Mr Toad is addicted to the Internet - and he won't follow any of its rules. Water Rat, Mole, and MacBadger fail in their attempts to make him stop, but when Toad falls asleep and dreams about the Weasels taking him off to jail for breaking the rules of the internet, (Note: multiple endings exist, this description follows the "correct" one) he decides to clean up his act and finally learn the proper "netiquette".

Behind the scenes Edit Edit

"Web Mania" is the third and final episode of Cybernetiquette.

The episode was once available on the British Disney website, but has been removed. It has also been removed from the Australian website. It is, however, still available on the Internet Archive.

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