Webby's Favorite Disguises, also known as Webby's Top Disguises, is a cartoon short, presumably written by the DuckTales 2017 Promo Department. Starring Webby Vanderquack with a brief appearance by Huey Duck, it also mentions Don Karnage, Bentina Beakley as Darkwing Duck, Mark Beaks, Gizmoduck, Scrooge McDuck, — most of whom are glimpsed through flashbacks.


Webby Vanderquack tells us all about her favourite disguises she's encountered on her adventures — and shows Huey and Dewey a pretty cool disguise of her own.


Behind the scenesEdit

This DuckTales 2017 short was released in July of 2019 on the Disney Channel YouTube channel.

Although the title card reads Webby's Favorite Disguises, the video was titled Webby's Top Disguises instead.

The short was originally used as part of a DuckTales marathon on the Disney Channel, with each item on the list leading into the episode in which it was featured.

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