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Webfoot County is the southern part of Calisota, encompassing Duckburg and New Quackmore, Just to the north is Murids County, which encompasses the city of Mouseton. Northeast of Murids County is Dogwatch County, which encompasses the city of Spoonerville. To the east of Murids County, just south of Dogwatch County and just above the northeast section of Duckburg is Hot Dog County, which encompasses the small city of Hot Dog Hills. To the west and across the river of Duckburg, is the city of St. Canard, which is the main city in the county Birddog. All of these counties are in the state of Calisota.


Webfoot County, which occupies the southern section of Calisota, has two cities. Duckburg, which is the largest of the cities, lies near the northern border of the county, while the smaller city of New Quackmore, lies about five miles to the south of Duckburg's most southern edge. Both cities have access to the Pacific Ocean. Living within both cities are anthropomorphic aves (ducks, geese, etc), which represent over 50% of the population, humans, which represent approximately a quarter of the population, and an assortment of other anthropomorphic animals, which represent the rest of the population, Murids County, just to the north of Webfoot County, has only one large city named Mouseton, which is only a few miles from the northern edge of Duckburg. Living there an assortment of anthropomorphic murids ( mice, rats stc), which represent a third of the population, along with an assortment of anthropomorphic animals and humans. To the northeast of Murids County is the county of Dogwatch, whose only major city is Spoonerville. Most of the inhabitants are anthropomorphic canines, but with minorities of humans and other anthropomorphic animals. Just south of Dog Watch County is Hot Dog County, an assortment of various anthropomorphic animals, as well a minority of humans. The variety of anthropomorphic animals includes an abundance of anthropomorphic pig, goats, hippos, horses and cows, not normally seen in such numbers in the rest of Calisota. Across a river to the northwestern most section of Duckburg lies an island that encompasses the county of Birddog. It has the city of St. Canard, the only city within that county. Living there are anthropomorphic canines and aves, with a small minority of humans and other anthropomorphic animals.

Behind the scenes

It is undefined whether Calisota occupies the very northern part of California in another dimension existing within the natural world. There are certainly aspects of surreal incidents that stretch the laws of natural physics that could only take place in cartoons.

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