Weepasaurs are a species of alien animals.


Weepasaurs (resembling small Bug-Eyed Trunkasaurs with buckteeth and a wild mop of hair) are the most fearsome apex predators of the Jovian ecosystem, despite their unassuming appearance. They are capable of gobbling up even larger animals than them whole, without increasing in size one inch; however, they do carry the weight of all that they have devoured, causing them to cry constantly (which adds to their deceptively harmless looks). Though they are a danger to the fauna and to unprepared tourists, Weepasaurs are relatively harmless to Jovian society at large, as they are far from invulnerable to disintegrating rays.

Behind the scenes

A Weepasaur appears in the 1995 story The Return of Rebo.

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