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Welcome to Beagle Island! is the first story featured in DuckTales #6, it is followed by and paired with The Giant Butterfly of Duckburg.


Scrooge McDuck is going with his family to an island, with a treasure map. But, unfortunately, It was maked by Broadway Beagle, so they could trap them in a cave, until Scrooge give them the deed of Duckburg. In the cave Webby finds a library. There is the book, Beagle Boys Office Rules. One of the rules was, hostages can go, if they win the Beagle Boys in the game, Beagle ball. The Beagles are cheating, and the ducks have no chance to win, so Scrooge sneaks in to the group, when there are time-out, and hear where they hided the Sunchaser. Scrooge and family runs to it and escape.





  • Beagle Island
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