The Well of Sinners is a magical well somewhere in the South of the United States of America.


The Well of Sinners is a timeless pool of magical energy, located somewhere in the middle of a forest. Falling into the Well, or having one's soul thrown into it while one was standing by the Well, would send one directly to Hell. The Carnie rediscovered the Well of Souls and, if any of his "clients" got too unruly, would threaten to throw their bottled souls into the Well. In a fitting turn of events, the Carnie later met his fate by having his own soul cast into the Well by Phineas, which not only killed him but destroyed his body, leaving only his iconic sunglasses behind as evidence that he had ever existed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Well of Sinners is the location of the climax of A Hitchhiker's Tale (2016).

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