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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Wellsians are an alien species originating in the 97th Cosmos.


Led by an extremely old and dried-up Emperor, the Wellsians are the native inhabitants of Wellsia, the version of the planet Mars in the 97th Cosmos. Coincidentally similar to the fictional Wellsian Martians of Mickey Mouse's home universe, they are large white octopus-like beings with burning red eyes and sharp-toothed mouths, whose primary food source, on their homeworld, was the blood of a humanoid species they farmed like cattle.

After completely exhausting their own planet's resources, leaving it a dried-up ball of friable rock, the Wellsian Empire invaded its universe's version of Earth, intending to use the humans as a new food source. They travelled to Earth thanks to the R.B.B.C. and, once there, built Tripod War Machines armed with some of their favorite weapons, such as heat-rays and black-smoke-sprays. However, most of the Wellsian invasion force was wiped out by an epidemic of the common cold, to which they were extremely sensitive.

Only two groups of surviving Wellsians are known: one managed to get off the planet before being contaminated and crashed on Venus, where they were dug up and resurrected decades later by Mandragora-257 of the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids. Of these seven surviving Wellsians, two were killed in the explosion of Morningstar 1, leaving five alive, who stole a Fog Ship and escaped into the multiverse. The second group was the duo of Rusk and Shogorf, who had been submerged underwater during the original invasion and reemerged years later, unscathed.

Behind the scenes

The Wellsians, who are variations on H. G. Wells's Martians, first appeared in the 2019 webcast The Wellsians.

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