Wendy and Tinker Bell in Pixieland is a comic story drawn by Dick Moores. It features Wendy Darling, Tinker Bell, and, in their debuts, Queen Clarion and Hob Nob.


Young Wendy, on one of her trips to Neverland, happens to follow Tinker Bell right into the heart of Pixieland… As no outsiders must know its location, Tinker Bell, panicking at the thought of having accidentally broken the secret, uses the Queen's magic crown to turn Wendy into a pixie herself. In this new form, Wendy can understand pixie speech, and ends up mixed up in the pixies' daily struggles with the goblin Hob Nob

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was only ever printed once in the United States of America, in the 1953 one-shot issue Peter Pan Treasure Chest. Predating the Disney Fairies series by several decades, it was the first story to delve into the nature of Pixie Hollow, then known as Pixieland.

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