Who's Afraid of Little Sweet Sheep? is an interactive animated comic story. It features Practical Pig, Fifer Pig, Fiddler Pig, the Big Bad Wolf, and, in cameo appearances, Mickey Mouse and a portrait of Minnie Mouse. Tim Porkloin and Martha Porkbelly are also mentioned, and "portraits" of Uncle Otto and Father Pig also appear.


Practical Pig invites his brothers over to his house on an online forum. A forum user sees the address and asks Practical if he can come over, pretending to be a friend of the website owner. (Note: multiple endings exist, this description follows the "correct" one) The Pigs decide not to let the user in, a good choice, indeed, as the user turns out to be none other than the Big Bad Wolf.

Behind the scenes

Who's Afraid of Little Sweet Sheep? is the first episode of Cybernetiquette. Oddly, it seems to take place before (or during) the original Three Little Pigs cartoon, as the Pigs are still seen living in their individual houses, and, in the "bad endings", the Pigs do not appear to recognize the Wolf.

The episode was once available on the British and Australian Disney websites, but has been removed from both. It is, however, still available on the Internet Archive.

For unknown reasons, the names of the Pigs (usually Practical, Fifer and Fiddler) are changed to Brickster, Strawman and Wood - although it is possible that these are only meant to be their internet usernames.

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