Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a comic remake of the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as adapted by Daan Jippes and Don Ferguson and drawn by Jippes and Dan Spiegle. It features Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, Judge Doom, Jessica Rabbit, the Toon Patrol, Benny the Cab, Baby Herman, Marvin Acme, DoloresR. K. Maroon, Angelo, Bongo, Dumbo the Toon, Teddy Valiant, Lieutenant Santino and the Toontown Sun.


Detective Eddie Valiant recounts his solving of the Roger Rabbit case in 1947, from his being hired to investigate Jessica Rabbit's supposed affair with Marvin Acme to the death of the terrifying Judge Doom and his scheme to destroy Toontown


Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first published in 1988 in a one-shot Marvel graphic novel. It was also printed in English in the British Walt Disney's Classics #9.

Differences with the filmEdit

Though a generally faithful adaptation of the film, this graphic novel takes a few liberties, mostly to tie up the plot faster. Most glaringly, for rights issues, Jippes and Ferguson also were forced to cut out all the cameos by cartoon characters, to the exception of Dumbo — who is only seen in shadow form.

Some of Eddie Valiant's adventures in Toontown are cut — though one is added back in from one of the film's deleted scenes, namely the "Pig Head" sequence. The deaths of the Toon Patrol were also simplified; rather than some of them literally dying of laughter, Psycho, amidst his cackling, accidentally pushed the lever on the Dipmobile, spraying them all with Dip.

Both in this story and in the comic sequel The Resurrection of Doom, Baron Von Rotten's eyes are depicted as solid red, as opposed to flickering and spiraling as they were in the film. 

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