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Why Me? is a deleted scene from Aladdin later released as a full-cast animatic. It features Jafar, Iago, the Genie, the Sultan of Agrabah, Aladdin, Rajah, Princess Jasmine and Abu.


Overjoyed at having obtained the Genie's Lamp, traitorous Grand Vizier Jafar launches into a self-indulgent song bemoaning the perceived slights he endured his whole life long, which turns into triumphant gloating as he uses the Genie's power to make himself the Sultan and then the most powerful sorcerer in the world, sowing chaos and exacting petty revenge on our heroes as he reveals himself to Agrabah.

Behind the scenes

Why Me? consists of the original soundtrack recording of the song Why Me? (deleted from the final draft of 1992's Aladdin) set to the relevant portions of the contemporary Aladdin storyboard. A deleted scene from the 1992 feature, it was released as a short on the bonus feature of the Aladdin DVD, alongside other deleted scenes and songs.

The scene is an alternate account of the climactic scene of the finished film usually known as “Jafar's Hour”. Why Me? does not differ substantially from the finished version of events, save for the swapping out of songs (from Why Me? to Prince Ali). Most saliently, in an amusing visual gag, it shows Jafar picking out a new Snake Staff staff from a collection he keeps in his laboratory, following his first one's destruction. In the finished scene, Jafar materializes in front of the Sultan without a staff, and later appears to use his sorcerous abilities to conjure one.