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The "Wicked Witch" was a female anthropomorphic duck.


This “wicked witch” lived in Transylvania in the Renaissance, and became jealous of nobleman Count Duckesque's golden bat-shaped talisman, presumably because it had magical properties (or because she thought it did). She attempted to steal it, but Duckesque and his butler created a special garlic-based defence which repelled her.

The secret was passed down the generations of Duckesque's servants, foiling many other witches in the following centuries; the latest on this list was the Italian sorceress Magica De Spell, in 1986. As Magica greatly resembles the Wicked Witch (albeit without the Witch's claw-like fingernails, and with somewhat longer, less well-combed hair), it is possible that she is actually a descendant, or at least a relative, of the by-then-long-dead Wicked Witch.

Behind the scenesEdit

She first appeared in 1986 in Donald Duck and the Adventure in Transylvania.

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