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Wiener Schnitzel Woes is a comic story written by Lars Jensen and drawn by Maximino Tortajada Aguilar. It features Ludwig von Drake, several colleagues of his, and Donald Duck, also mentioning Mrs Von Drake.


Ludwig von Drake has recently become a professor at Coot University. Irked by his know-it-all attitude, his colleagues scheme to get rid of him. They discover that Ludwig gets his favorite lunch (Wiener Schnitzel a la Weltschmertz) once a week by airmail, directly from his mother in Austria, and that if he were to not receive it on time he would go back to Austria to get his weekly "fix" straight from the source. Naturally, they resolve to make that happen…

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in February of 2004 in the German Mickey Maus #2008-42. It was printed in English in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #732, with tweaks to the translation by David Gerstein.

The story contains several continuity references. Ludwig's relationship with his cantankerous mother mirrors that in House of Mouse, Wiener Schnitzel a la Weltschmertz was mentioned as Ludwig's favorite dish in the 1961 story Winning Ways, and the Coot University teachers Dr Frees and Dr Karp are name after Paul Frees and Bob Karp respectively — Frees being Ludwig's defining voice actor, and Bob Karp the comic strip writer who brought Ludwig to comics for the first time.