Wild Bill Hiccup was a possibly-fictitious human being.


According to Alice's account to her friends of her adventures in the Far West[1], the pudgy, mustachioed Wild Bill Hiccup was a feared outlaw who attempted to crack open the safe of a saloon Alice happened to be visiting. Failing to open it, Hiccup resorted to escaping with the entire safe on horseback. Alice chased after him and Hiccup and his horse ended up plummeting to their doom down a cliff.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wild Bill Hiccup only ever appeared in the 1924 Alice Comedies cartoon Alice's Wild West Show.

Notes & ReferencesEdit

  1. While the tale is wild and improbable, and it is very possible Alice simply made it up or greatly exaggerated, she would go on to have quite similar adventures in real life, so it cannot be said for certain.
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