Fanwork Wild Goose Chase is an unofficial comic story written and drawn by Sarah Jolley. It features Gladstone Gander, Donald Duck, Fethry Duck and Scrooge McDuck.


In the cold month of December, Scrooge McDuck has sent Donald Duck and Fethry Duck, accompanied by Gladstone Gander, to an old mill in the middle of nowhere in England. There, they are to find a suitcase full of diamonds that an old friend of Scrooge's left him. Unfortunately, a duo of greedy criminals have their eyes on the diamonds too. And meanwhile, Gladstone is rather depressed that Scrooge seems to have just sent him along because he needed a lucky charm for his actual favorite nephews…

Behind the scenesEdit

This story is one of a series of unofficial homages to the characters written and drawn by Sarah Jolley (author of the acclaimed comic The Property of Hate). It was released in 2017 for free on the Internet.

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