Will Woofer

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Will Woofer is an anthropomorphic dog.


In the 1960's, Will Woofer was the deadpan host of Answer This, the top-rated game show of Scrooge McDuck's TV channel, QBC. Surreptitiously watching the show on "borrowed" TV sets, Witch Hazel (who had by then been single for several hundred years) developed a schoolgirl crush on Woofer, doing everything in her power never to miss an episode of his show. Though her live encounter with Woofer in QBC's backstage later on proved a disaster (as Woofer had no idea who this raving old woman in period clothing demanding autographs was, and ended up calling security), this did not deter Hazel's love for the man, and she did eventually obtain a television from Scrooge McDuck.

Behind the scenes

Will Woofer appears in the 1963 story TV Trickery.

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