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William Weenie (Willem de Worstkoning in the original Dutch), also known as Willie and Waldo the Wiener Wizard, is an anthropomorphic dog.


Willie Weenie owns and operates what Donald Duck considers the best fast-food stand in Duckburg. He is a simple, kind-hearted man who means well, but often ends up goofing more than helping. In 2009, his business was threatened by Argus McSwine's new fast-food chain, Five Swines, but Donald was able to help out.

Behind the scenesEdit

Willie Weenie is a recurring character, although he isn't indexed on the I.N.D.U.C.K.S. for unknown reasons.

David Gerstein had apparently created "Waldo the Wiener Wizard" as an English name for the character at some point before July 16, 1997, but when stories featuring William were actually printed in English, his first name was kept as "William".

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