Willie, nicknamed Willie the Wisp, but not to be confused with either Wispy Willie or Willie the Wisp, was a human man who is now a ghost.


In life, Willie was an olympic hide-and-seek player; his ghost eventually came to the Haunted Mansion, which he was haunting by 1969 as a Pop-Up Ghost, when he was interviewed by a mortal reporter on the occasion of the opening of the Mansion to the public in the context of the Disneyland theme park. Ironically, and like many other ghosts in the Mansion, Willie believed mortals to be scary.

Behind the scenesEdit

Willie appeared in the 1969 Haunted Mansion commercial radio spot usually known as Willie the Wisp. Though the implication is that Willie is one of the Pop-Up Ghosts, there is no consensus as to which; the Pop-Up Ghost pictured is only one of many possibilities, chosen because he more or less looks as though he would fit the voice used by actor Paul Frees for Willie.

Voice ActorsEdit

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