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Willie the Wisp, not to be confused with Wispy Willie or the human also nicknamed “Willie the Wisp”, is a male will-o-the-wisp.


Originally dwelling in the Dismal Swamps, Willie the Wisp is a large, greenish will-o-the-wisp with a talent for shapeshifting. He was captured by Magica De Spell, who then made a deal with him, having him steal the Number One Dime from the Money Bin using his shapeshifting, and melt it down with his magical fire, in exchange of which Magica would use her own sorcery to make Willie into the largest, fieriest wisp ever seen, allowing Willie to rule over all other will-o-the-wisps as King.

The plan was foiled, however, as Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck threatened to put out Willie's fire with a firehose, leading the fearful creature to seek refuge by lodging itself in Magica's throat. Magica flew the scene (sans dime), and did manage to get rid of Willie, but not without some painful burns to her beak. Willie then presumably returned to the Swamps, his ambitions culled.

Behind the scenesEdit

Willie appears in the 2000 story Magica's Hot Plot.

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