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Wing Ding, also known as the Wing Ding, and later King Wing Ding, is a male concavian.


The apparent inventor, and pilot, of the Earthaplane, this would-be-heroic, eccentric Concavian (who appears unable to speak English on his own, requiring either a sign-like thought-to-text device or a Translator-Helmet to communicate with ordinary Earthlings) was chosen at the height of Concavia's war with the Twitz to travel up to the surface and bring back a heroic earthling (in point of fact, Mickey Mouse) to become King of Concavia and help win the war.

While in the surface world, Wing Ding, taking great pains not to be seen, also gave lavish gifts to all the Mousetonians he could find, in an effort to do something for the surfacelings in exchange for borrowing their hero. He then returned to Concavia with Mickey in rather an eventful trip. At the conclusion of the war with the Twitz, Mickey returned to his home through the Uphill River, unceremoniously shoving the crown of Concavia onto Wing Ding's head as he went away.

Behind the scenes

Wing Ding is central to the 1954 comic serial A Fatal Occupation.

By Joe Torcivia's analysis in his introduction to the story (Rue Britannia), Wing Ding was the last of Bill Walsh's numerous "Eega Beeva clones" introduced to recapture the same stroke of lightning that had made the 'Man of Tomorrow' so popular — such as Ohm-Eye. Romano Scarpa would go on add one more in the form of Atomo Bleep-Bleep.

A Fatal Occupation was originally published in black and white, and there is no consensus in reprinting on what Wing Ding's skin color should be; he is sometimes flesh-colored, someties bluish-green, sometimes blue, and (as depicted above) sometimes mauve.