Witch Goofy is a female anthropomorphic dog and a witch.


This witch bearing an unexplained resemblance to Goofy gathered with Witch Hazel, Witch Martha and Witch Phyllis on Halloween Night in 1952 to brew a potion together in the Haunted Mansion. Phyllis then set her three comrades loose on Duckburg: Witch Goofy took the East Side, while Witch Hazel was assigned the "dull" part of town where Donald Duck lives, and Martha was sent to the North Side.

Behind the scenesEdit

Witch Goofy appears in the 1972 The Mouse Factory episode Spooks and Magic. She was portrayed in live-action by a costumed performer who is not credited in the closing crawl. Interestingly, the costume used is simply a Disney Parks Goofy costume given a different set of clothes and a pointy hat. The shared appearance and name between Witch Goofy and the real Goofy, who also appears in the TV story, go unmentioned.

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