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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. Witch Hunt is an unofficial comic story written and drawn by Sarah Jolley. It features Gladstone Gander, Magica De Spell, Donald Duck, Gyro Gearloose, Scrooge McDuck, the Little Helper, a spoiler character and another.


Seeking a more final way to get rid of his Magica De Spell "situation", Scrooge McDuck hires a group of masked 'witch hunters' who claim to own a magic-supressing formula. Unbeknownst to Scrooge, the small print on the contract means they go after each and every magic user in the city (including the likes of Gladstone Gander), which is made even worse by the fact that the formula, as it turns out, is actually deadly for living beings. The unlikely duo of a magicless Magica and unlucky Gladstone are once again forced to rely on each other in the maddest of chases…

Behind the scenes

This story is one of a series of unofficial homages to the characters written and drawn by Sarah Jolley (author of the acclaimed comic The Property of Hate). It was released in 2017 for free on the Internet.