Witchis Witch is a human boy.


Witchis Witch is Witch Hazel's young nephew. Witchis has quite the temper and holds much contempt for "old-school" witching like what his aunt Hazel practices; his flying broom is jet-powered, and he does not summon monsters with potions, but with a small machine contained within his suitcase. He attends a witching school along with other witching children such as Witch Chile. Like his aunt, Witchis is not really evil, but he is quite the prankster and can be very careless; unfortunately, cleaning his mess is always hard for Hazel because close members of the same witching family are largely immune to each other's powers.

Behind the scenesEdit

Witchis Witch first appeared in 1964 in Halloween Haunting, which was his only appearance in the United States of America so far. He has, however, had quite the career in Brazilian stories.

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