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The Wizard of Oz, born Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs, is a human being.


Formerly a conman and carnival magician from Nebraska, Oscar Diggs was flung into the magical world of Oz. There, finding that his nature as a so-called "wizard" and his nickname of "Oz" (initially based on the initials of his two first names) made him a fit for a prophecy. From bumbling to heroics and from con to con, he ended up becoming the ruler of the Emerald City, and thereby the entire Land of Oz.

From then on, Diggs spent most of his life posing as "Oz the Great and Powerful", using magic tricks and props (along with the friendship of the genuine witch Glinda) to appear larger-than-life and god-like. He kept his original hot air balloon ready to go but kept postponing his trip home until he met another traveler from the normal world, the young girl Dorothy Gale.

Then, leaving the Emerald City in the care of the Scarecrow, the Wizard departed back to the United States of America, planning to bring Dorothy back with him (though to a last-minute problem, Dorothy ended up making her own way home).  Once again among the mundane, Oscar got married and had a child, Frank. Upon being widowed, he quenced his grief by returning to the Land of Oz, to which he tried to introduce modern technology with the help of his young son. 

Behind the scenes

The Wizard of Oz was first seen in Disney-canon media in the eponymous 1939 film, and has made numerous appearances since in related media. 

Portrayers and Voice Actors

  • Frank Morgan (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Alan Oppenheimer (The Wizard of Oz - The Series)
  • Steve Stoliar (The Oz Kids)
  • James Franco (Oz the Great and Powerful)