The Wonderful Wishing Crown is a precious golden crown that used to be enchanted.


The Wonderful Wishing Crown was an enchanted crown created in unknown circumstances to act as a vessel for the godlike Reincarnating Turtle's egg. For unknown reasons, an enchantment was placed on the Crown that allowed it to grant one wish to whoever held it, and the Crown (possibly to hold that power) was placed in a cave on an island, protected by a pool that would turn anyone who dove in it to gold.

In 1564, both a duo of Spanish pirates (Captain Pedro Alvarado and Cachorro) and a privateer of Her Majesty's fleet, Malcolm McDuck, tracked down the Crown through legends (which had been twisted to claim it would grant each man who found it three wishes). All three found the Crown but fell prey to the transmuting waters of the pond, being turned to gold for over five centuries.

Finally, in 2017, another treasure-seeker found the Crown without turning to gold: Malcolm's tycoon-adventurer descendant Scrooge McDuck. After some hijinx, the egg ended up freed from the Crown, with the Reincarnating Turtle able to grant one last wish of its own volition before the enchantment was broken, which was to send Malcolm, along with the now mundane Crown, back to the 17th century, where Malcolm (forgetting his time-hopping adventure) gifted it to the Queen of England.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Wishing Crown is, naturally, at the centre of the 2017 story Uncle Scrooge and the Wonderful Wishing Crown!.

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