The Worm in the Hole was a large alien monster found on Asteroid 60.


After Donald Duck was stranded on an asteroid by Scrooge McDuck in 1960, and got spooked by the Mushrooms That Don't Mush, he retreated into a cavern and discovered within it this gigantic green monster, whom he described as some sort of giant worm. Donald fled the cave but was pursued by the Worm, who was very clearly intent on eating him. Fortunately, a space fisherman from Jupiter passed by aboard his Space Navigation Ark. After baiting the Worm with a crystal (indicating that, despite its willingness to eat Donald, the beast shared Jovian wildlife's diet of minerals), the Fisherman disintegrated the Worm and rescued Donald.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Worm appears briefly in the 1960 story Uncle Scrooge's Money Rocket.

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