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X-PO is a robot created by Lord Vortech.


Not native to any universe in particular, having been created by the dastardly interdimensional traveler Lord Vortech during his quest to find the Foundation Elements there, the wisecracking robotic “Experimental Portal Operator” assisted Vortech for most of his quest. However, he progressively realized the extent of Vortech's madness, and, when he finally went against the evil overlord, found himself banished to another world. Discovered and rebuilt and the heroic trio of Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf, X-PO proceeded to help them in their quest to foil Vortech's plan.

Behind the scenes

X-PO was created for the crossover video game LEGO Dimensions, and is (alongside Lord Vortech) one of the very few characters in Dimensions not tied to a preexisting franchise.

Voice Actors