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X - Y + 2 is a male, sentient robot.


Created in the 1950's in Mouseton, X - Y + 2 was initially a helper robot working for a company. One of the best AIs ever designed on Earth, X - Y + 2 was fully sentient, and would later describe his period working for these "mortals" as his "years of slavery" — though he also took pride in being "a good computer". Eventually, his software developed a fault, and he made a significant error that caused the company to ‘retire’ him — cutting off his power and dumping him in the Mouseton Junkyard.

Far cleverer than his makers even in his damaged form, X-Minus survived in the junkyard, creating an entire race of Junk Robots loyal to him, their bodies fashioned from other machinery discarded by man (for the sake of symbolism). Building himself an underground base beneath the junkyard and a variety of weapons such as an anti-gravity-field generator, X-Minus planned to drive humanity to its maddened doom by sabotaging all of their machines, before taking the planet over with his robots. Mouseton was, in June of 1967, the first target of this scheme.

Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Shamrock Bones, and the Mouseton Police with Seamus O'Hara at its helm managed to discover X-Minus's plans, and successfully took over the base, with Mickey using a screwdriver to partially destroy X - Y + 2‘s wiring, deactivating him. Shamrock Bones then used his Crime-o-Graphic to figure out what to do with the metal criminal, discovering that it was best to fix the bit of faulty programming that had made him go mad to begin with. Soon, the reformed, grateful X-Minus became a part of the Mouseton Police, his experience with crime helping figure out the plans of other rogue AIs.

Behind the scenes

X - Y + 2 was only ever seen in the 1967 story The Case of the Sinister Robot.