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“Yale G.” was a man of unknown gender.


According to a story once told by the Ghost Host, a book by “Yale G.” was among the volumes in the bookcase in architects Mr Davis and Mr Coats's study as they got to work designing Gracey Manor.

Behind the scenes

Yale G.'s name appears in the 2005 story Blueprint for Murder. Like all the names of authors in the story, it is an allusion to one of the Imagineers responsible for designing The Haunted Mansion in the real world — in this case, Yale Gracey, the special-effects whiz. Naturally, Yale Gracey was also plentifully homaged by his first name being transferred to Master Gracey and to Gracey Manor as a whole; it is purposefully ambiguous, in Jon Hastings's story, what the “G.” in Yale G. stands for, but it may not actually be “Gracey”.