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Yellow Beak is an anthropomorphic parrot.


Named for his distinct golden beak, the diminutive Yellow Beak is an old salt mostly seen gulping down ridiculously spicy slumgullion and whisking unsuspecting landlubbers off onto adventures on the high seas. Armed with a seemingly endless supplies of rare treasure maps acquired in colorful circumstances throughout his tumultuous life, and unafraid of making treasures up whole-cloth if it can get him some ship-mates for another adventure, Yellow Beak has sailed with Donald Duck and his nephews on several occasions, as well as with the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan and even Woody Woodpecker; indeed, he appears to have lived a good amount of his life in Neverland until he used his share of one particular treasure, and Captain Hook's ship the Anything, to begin a career on the seven seas of Earth, beginning in the early 20th century.


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Behind the scenes

Yellow Beak first appeared in October of 1942 in Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold! (although his appearance in Captain Hook and the Buried Treasure logically takes place at an earlier point in his life), having been created for the cancelled 1939 feature film project Morgan's Ghost.