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Yeti, or Abominable Snowmen, are large, furry humanoids found in mountainous areas such as the Himalayas, of varying appearance and intelligence.


Said to be related to the North American Bigfoots, Yetis are large, somewhat monstrous, furred humanoids who dwell in mountains and are usually considered mythical creatures by the rest of the world. Though the magical valley of Shangri-La is home to sapient Yetis who are even fluent in English, and possess magical abilities, most Yetis appear to be of rather low intelligence, with the brightest only being able to stutter a few mangled words that humans could understand.

Often reckoned to be magical, though they may merely be undiscovered by mainstream science without being inherently supernatural, Yeti are furry giants perfectly adapted to surviving on the icy peaks. The level of Yeti's intelligence varies greatly from one individual to the next, with some being mere beasts whereas others can learn bits and pieces of human language (albeit in "caveman speak") and wear rudimentary clothing. Some Yetis are extremely ape-like in appearance, whereas others rather resemble overgrown, savage anthropomorphic dogs. Some Yeti possess blue skin, and there are several examples of Yeti with large feet who can use them to ski down mountain slopes.

There exist multiple varieties of Yetis, just like there are of Bigfoots. A Yeti found on Mount Everest is a Gigantopithecus-like primate with brown fur and sharp fangs, while the Yetis of Shangri-La (like the Matterhorn Yeti) have long white fur and dark bluish skin. Scrooge McDuck encountered another Yeti in the Himalayas who was much less hairy (though he may also have had bluish skin, depending on sources), had a dog snout rather than an ape-like face, and wore primitive clothing; a few years later, he met a female Yeti in the same area who had white fur on her body, but a dog-like head with purple fur, and exhibited behavior similar to that of Gu. Later still he encountered a male white-furred Yeti with a dog nose and pale pinkish skin. Donald Duck, for his part, had during a solo adventure previously tangled with a family of long-snouted dog-nosed Yeti who used their abnormally long feet like natural skis.

Behind the scenes

Numerous depictions of Yetis have appeared in Disney media. The earliest is believed to be Carl Barks's Gu in The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan (1956), though this is unconfirmed.