This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Z Is For Zorglub (Z Comme Zorglub in the original French) is a comic story written by Andé Franquin and Greg, and drawn by Franquin with the assistance of Jidéhem. It features Spirou, Fantasio, Pacôme de Champignac, Spip, the Marsupilami, Célestin Dupilon, Mayor Labarbe, Duplumier and, in their debut, Jerome, Zorglub as well as his Zorglmen.


The relatively peaceful lives of Spirou and Fantasio, and that of their scientifically-minded friend the Count of Champignac, are troubled by the arrival of a mad scientist known as Zorglub, hell-bent on getting his old school-chum Champignac to join him in his megalomaniac plans to conquer the solar system!



  • The Count injects himself with X4 out of necessity. This brain-boosting serum was first seen in There's A Sorcerer in Champignac (1950). He mentions having recently had a bad experience with it, namely in the previous Spirou and Fantasio story, The Count's Gone Kookoo (1959).
  • Shadow of the Z (1960) is a direct sequel to Z Is For Zorglub, beginning mere minutes after its conclusion; indeed, the two stories have sometimes been collected as one. Shadow is actually split in two; the first half of it deals directly with the aftermath of Z Is For Zorglub, including Jerome's fate, whereas the second half is a more temporally distant sequel wherein Zorglub returns to power.

Behind the scenes

Z Is For Zorglub was first printed in French as a serial between #1096 and #1136 of Le Journal de Spirou. It was collected as a hardcover, which was eventually printed in English in 1995.

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