Zan Owlson is a female anthropomorphic owl from the 2017 Continuum.


After successfully forming her own charity as a graduate student at Mouseton University, this willful businesswoman ended up taking the helm of Glomgold Industries in 2018, during the four months where an amnesiac Flintheart Glomgold lived as Duke Baloney in the Duckburg Docks while presumed dead. Despite Scrooge's reluctance, Owlson's last and greatest deed as head of Glomgold Industries was to create a charity together with McDuck Enterprises, “Dimes for Ducklings”. She later continued to work as Glomgold's top advisor, single-handedly reining in Glomgold's crazier schemes and preventing them from sinking the company, for about a year, before finally quitting in a rage after Louie Duck's brief takeover of Glomgold Industries and McDuck Enterprises led her to become involved in yet another life-threatening adventure.

Behind the scenesEdit

Zan Owlson first appeared in 2018 in The Ballad of Duke Baloney. Owlson's name is wordplay on that of Suzanna Olson, the producer behind DuckTales 2017.

When she was first introduced, fans theorized that Zan may be a disguise of Magica De Spell, due to her yellow-tinged eyes. This was, however, eventually proven inaccurate.

Voice ActressesEdit

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