Zeke Pete is an anthropomorphic cat and the twin brother of Peg-Leg Pete.


Zeke Pete, a stocky, black-furred cat, is the son of Mr Pete and Maw Pete. He is the twin brother of renowned criminal Peg-Leg Pete. His other siblings include Petula Pete and another sister. Like his twin, Zeke is a thief and a robber. He has been known to impersonate his brother, as the two look identical. In 1956, the Pete brothers collaborated on a robbery of two locations in a small desert town, but they were foiled by the town's sheriff Mickey Mouse.

Even though Zeke and Pete seem to get along well, Pete noted that Zeke "never did like to take orders from me", perhaps indicating that there is some occasional strife between the two.

Behind the scenesEdit

Zeke Pete appears in the 1956 comic story Double Trouble.

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