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Zeus, also known as Jupiter, is a god.


The immensely powerful Greco-Roman God of Lightning, Hospitality, the Air, and the King of the Olympian Gods, Zeus is a fun-loving fellow who is sometimes taken with his own importance, but is at heart benevolent and even kindly. Despite some extramarital affairs[1], Zeus truly loves his wife Hera and his son Hercules. Like the other Ancient Gods, Zeus stopped running the universe following the Titan War, retiring to the World Tree with Ares and Aphrodite; but, alongside these two, he was inspired to take up arms once again in 1943, and has since occasionally interfered with the mortal world, even for something as petty as silencing an obnoxious mortal whose tuba-playing annoys him[2].


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Behind the scenesEdit

Zeus, based on the mythological figure of the same name, was first seen in the Pastoral Symphony segment of Fantasia. He has a counterpart in the 2017 Continuum.

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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