NonDisney Zorgland was the name given by Zorglub to a village in Southern France after he turned it into one of his bases of operations.


After provoking a mass exodus out of this village using his Zorglwave, the mad scientist Zorglub turned it into “Zorgland”, one of the many such bases he had created for himself all over the world. It is there that he was headed off by Pacôme de Champignac, Spirou and Fantasio in 1959 before he could carry out his grandest scheme. After Champignac forced a change of heart in Zorglub, he destroyed the Zorglmanisation machines in Zorgland, though he left the rest of Zorlgub's technological installations intact, thinking it a crime to destroy such master works.

Behind the scenesEdit

Zorgland is the setting of the climax of the 1959 Z Is For Zorglub.

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