NonDisney Zorglcopters (Zorgléoptères in the original French) are a type of flying vehicle invented, and used almost exclusively, by the mad scientist Zorglub.


Zorglub's second attempt at showy flying vehicles after the Zorglmobiles, the jet-powered Zorglcopters were propelled by two large reactors which could gyrate in all directions to allow steering. Spirou found a resemblance between their overall shapes and some species of beetles.

Behind the scenesEdit

Zorgléoptères (called Zorglcopters in the English localization) first appeared in 1959's Z Is For Zorglub.

It appears that some disconnect existed between writer Greg and artist Franquin with the Zorglcopter; while their French name mashes Zorglub's name with coléoptère (“beetle” — the insect, not the car), and characters comment on how like a beetle the contraption looks, it does not actually bear very much resemblance to such animals. The English name of Zorglcopter appears to have missed the reference to coléoptères, instead acting as though it is a play on helicopter (this even though the Zorglcopter is not, in design or in appearance, any more like a helicopter than it is like a beetle).

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