NonDisney The Zorglmen (Zorglhommes in the original French) were the army of brainwashed ‘soldiers‘ employed as his henchmen by the mad scientist Zorglub until his (partial) reform.


The Zorglmen, fashioned using (reversible) brainwashing machines from policemen kidnapped by Zorglub all over the world, wore gray-and-red spandex suits emblazoned with their master's trademark “Z” and wielded portable Zorglwave weapons. The Zorglmen were programmed to speak only Zorglang, and so, when forced to speak normally, found their speech stilted and unnatural.

Their memory and personality erased, they were obedient slave, who could be programmed to feel various emotions using the Zorglremote but would otherwise keep a disturbingly blank expression at all times.

After Zorglub's defeat at the hands of Pacôme de Champignac and friends, the Zorglmen were deprogrammed and returned to their homes, though a few of them retained a feverish admiration for Zorglub and tried to revive the glory days, even against their creator's wishes.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Zorglmen first appeared in the 1959 story Z Is For Zorglub.

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