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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Zorglmobiles (Zorglumobiles in the original French) are a type of flying vehicle invented, and used almost exclusively, by the mad scientist Zorglub.


Large red ‘flying cars’ with four horizontal rotors in place of wheels, Zorglmobiles are sleek and fast ways to travel, their only flaw being that the inside of them is not extremely roomy. As a matter of course, Zorglmobiles are equipped with anti-Zorgwave shielding.

Behind the scenes

Zorglumobiles (called Zorglmobiles in the English localization) first appeared in 1959's Z Is For Zorglub.

They proved the most iconic of Zorglub's vehicles, supplanting the Zorglcopter, and many toy Zorglumobiles have been manufactured. Interestingly, their four-flat-rotors design prefigures the modern drone, a gadget which did not, of course, yet exist when Franquin designed his sci-fi vehicle.

In The Hidden Face of the Z, they were given a slight redesign by Yoann Chivard to bring them “up to date”, though reactions to the new appearance have been mixed.