NonDisney Zorglub is a human man.


A megalomaniac scientist with world-conquering ambitions, the Count of Champignac's old schoolmate Zorglub is nevertheless not that bad a man deep down; nor, for that matter, is he all that good an inventor, as most of the technology he used during his various turns at supervillainy was actually pilfered from other scientists whose minds he controlled and erased using his one greatest, personal invention, the Zorglwave. Though he started out as a full-on, world-over-taking supervillain in the 1960's, Zorglub has since mellowed down, maintaining an uneasy friendship with the Count and mostly earning a living by selling his less dangerous inventions on the black market.

Behind the scenesEdit

Zorglub was created in the 1959 comic story Z Is For Zorglub and has since become a recurring character in the Spirou & Fantasio series.

Voice Actors & PortrayersEdit

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